About Us

announcement Welcome to The Art Of Mee Pok!

Our story begins in _70s_, when 13-year-old Lim Kim Heong started on his journey to mee pok mastery.

Years later, a fortuitous exchange gave birth to our humble stall in Jalan Tua Kong. With the support and love from our customers, Jalan Tua Kong Lau Lim Mee Pok incorporated as The Art of Mee Pok in 2004, when our flagship found a new home in Simpang Bedok. Lau Lim's signature laughter and trademark demeanour continued charming the hearts of customers, young and old. Building a loyal community across multiple generations, The Art of Mee Pok strives to continue being the backdrop to your new memories, etching new experiences with Singaporeans as we serve up nostalgic flavours of old.